No One Left Behind ( Hiv / Aids )

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No One Left Behind (HIV/AIDS)
Imagine you are sick, afraid, enveloped in insecurity, not knowing what may lie ahead. It is in the darkest moments of a potentially fatal illness that we look to others for solace, we often turn to partners, family, friends, and our community. We rely on healthcare systems to provide medication, comfort, assistance and adequate treatment in order to assist in the recovery process, as well as to provide physical, and psychological well-being. What if the illness you are experiencing is life threatening and comes with a stigma attached, a stigma that ignites fear, loneliness, blame, and misrepresentation. You are isolated, your Physical and psychological needs quelled in a blanket of this stigma. Your government disregards you; your community shuns you, afraid due to misrepresentation of the media. Your friends and family are uncomfortable around you as if the very breath in which you exhale may infect them as well. The workplace becomes a battle ground, fighting your way through discrimination and alienation due to misguided fear and false perception, in some cases lending itself to slander, avoidance, job loss, and labeling. Your health care provider suddenly limits, or refuses you coverage and everywhere you turn you are judged and discriminated against, until the only relief you find is in the solitude of others who share the despair of this illness. You are victim to a virus that attacks your immune system offering blame only to its…

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