No One Will Tell Movie Citation

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“No One Would Tell” is a thriller film based off of an abusive relationship. This film is a film from 1996 directed by Noell Nosseck. The film stars Candace Cameron and Fred Savage. The film shows a shy, 16 year old Stacy Collins (Candace Cameron) who’s mom happened to have a rude boyfriend. Now, Stacy has been liking a boy for quite some time named Bobby Tennison (Fred Savage) who is in the high school varsity wrestling team. After Bobby starts showing some romance and ends up dating Stacy, they both find out that they both have dads that left them as kids. After some time from the relationship, Bobby shows more possession towards Stacey and he gets angry every time Stacey is with one of her friends who happens to be another boy. Now, there are some examples of warning signs Bobby showed towards Stacey such as nasty looks as she does something Bobby doesn't like. For instance, when Bobby and Stacey were at the dance, Bobby made angry faces at Stacy when she was talking to one of her guy friends. As an outcome,…show more content…
The acting was really good which resulted in the movie looking more real than fake. The movie also taught me a very good lesson which is to always stay out of trouble and avoid getting hurt. I also learned that in some cases, you might need to do things on your own, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask for help. I learned this lesson because I did see Stacy suffering through the pain while she was taking a shower and it appears to be that she might be too scared to tell anyone about how Bobby is mistreating her because she might fear that Bobby will hurt her. This movie showed its audience an example of a real life situation that many teenagers and college students face and it gives us a clearer image as to how we should handle our abusive relationships just as how Stacy’s friends try to do so. Overall, I congratulate the company this movie is coming from because it’s a movie everyone should
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