No Ordinary Education: Sex Therapist

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Ever since I was little, i have had the career aspirations of any other child. From ballerina to firefighter, fashion designer to chef. At one point I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I came to the realization that I don't particularly like animals that dream slowly faded and died. When I looked back upon my previous dreams I realized one common theme, Helping people. It was from then on that I knew who I wanted to be. It all started on a Sunday morning when I was fifteen. My mom was making a spinach quiche while watching a documentary on human trafficking. I was not paying very much attention to what was on screen, but to the new installment of romance novels by Noah Sparks. Just as the protagonist was meeting the love of his life for the first time something about that documentary caught my attention. The narrator of the documentary began to talk about therapy, but not your run of the mill therapy. He was talking about sexual therapy. Before this I had never even heard of this career or anything like it. As he talked about these previous slaves of human trafficking, he mentioned the emotional scars of that horrific situation. Not only will these women have to emotionally return to a normal life, but how can they sexually trust someone again after that. He introduced their expert sexual therapist who talked about sexual therapy and how it can help these women return to a state of mind where they can trust people again and enter into healthy relationships without

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