No Pain, No Gain

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No Pain, No Gain Moving into another state was harder than what I thought. When your family tells you it will be just for a few months, it can turn out to be even more than that. Not being able to talk to my friends and loved ones as often as before made me feel out of place. Being in a position where becoming stronger the only option. Having to leave the past and begin to look into the future. I had to search what was best for me regardless the limits or obstacles. July, 2009 a hot night in El Paso, Texas. While playing video games on my Xbox 360 the phone rang, my mom answered and then I asked her: “Who is it?” My mom said: “It’s your aunt from Iowa”. I noticed they had talked for a while. Eager to know what the call was about, I…show more content…
I hugged her and told her that everything was going to be ok. When the time for me to leave El Paso came, I said goodbye to all of my friends and we even had planned a farewell party. I traveled for more than fourteen hours to get to Iowa. While in the car I looked through the window every now and then. I got to see beautiful landscapes I hadn’t seen before. I finally arrived to Iowa at one in the morning. The weather was totally different, foggy and humid. Since we were in the middle of the summer, and school didn’t start until the end of August, I didn’t really know anyone. I found it hard to make friends since the place and culture was different. No one really talked to me, I don’t really know why; I guess they saw me as a weird guy.
I would be quiet most of the time because I didn’t have someone to talk to. Without my friends and being in my room all the time, I began to get depressed. I knew at that time, I had to make a change, do something new and get my mind off the past. After some time I saw an advertisement on T.V. about exercising and weight lifting, it caught my attention. I didn’t know much about weight lifting. Since I felt depressed, I lost a lot of weight and got really skinny. I wanted to get strong and feel better about myself. I did a lot of research on the human body and all the different kinds of muscles that we have, how to exercise them properly and effectively. I started working out, woke up every morning and head to
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