No Parent Child Relationship With Second Temple Apocalyptic Work

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Six out of nineteen texts held topoi providing a possible parent-child relationship with Second Temple apocalyptic work. Further consideration reduced the number to three. Of the texts that remain, The Ascent of Enmeduranki, the Divine Nomination of Thutmose II, and Plato’s Republic (614b), ranked the strongest. These three sources follow here, respectively.
The Ascent of Enmeduranki
Although no parent-child relationship occurred in this text, scholars often posit it as source material for 1 Enoch; perhaps, a relationship exists through the lens of divinely ordained journeys:
“Enmeduranki [king of Sippar], the beloved of Anu, Enlil [and Ea]. Šamaš and Adad [brought him in] to their assembly. Šamaš and Adad [honored him]. Šamaš and
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24:1-38:3, and 67 as the final ascension seen in Gen. 5:24). Alongside these similarities, however, are general distinctions as noted under Topos of Secrecy, and specific distinctions concerning divinely ordained Journeys.
Enmeduranki’s journey-authority derives from his presence among deity. By comparison, Enoch’s author wove together multiple authorities: divine presence begins a journey, but includes authority from cosmology, secrecy, and righteousness. Furthermore, using 1 Enoch 14:8 as an example, the author provides both setting and method in which Enoch ascends; yet, a close reading shows no description of the anabasis in Enmeduranki text. These descriptions, however, are present in the Divine Nomination of Thutmose III.
The Divine Nomination of Thutmose III
The Divine Nomination of Thutmose III concerns his legitimacy as ruler, providing a picture of the Egyptian enthronement rites:
“[He opened for] me the doors of heaven; he spread open for me the portals of its horizon. I flew up to the sky as a divine falcon, that I might see his mysterious form which is in heaven, that I might adore his majesty. (10) … I saw the forms of being of the Horizon God on his mysterious ways in heaven. Re himself established me, and I was endowed with [his] crowns [which] were upon his head, his uraeus-serpent was fixed upon [my brow] … I [was equipped] with all his states of

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