No Parole : Should Not Be Granted Parole?

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Monika Doughty Ms.Yocum Foundation of English 5 January 2016 No parole Would you kill for love or to feel loved by a convict? Well Patricia Krenwinkel did. Patricia should not be granted parole because she knew right from wrong. That night when Manson picked her for the murders she was excited, She knew she was going to kill. "This is a crime children grow up hearing about," said parole commissioner Susan Melanson.(Killer Cult) All her decisions to kill for Manson was all on her. No one in this world could make me or probably anyone in this world with common sense to do such harsh things to another human being. On top of that She ate food out of the fridge of her victims home. She wanted to start a race war along with “The Family". When patricia went to court after her murders she acted as if she did nothing wrong, as if she knew nothing of the murders. She killed one night and seen it on the news and had no remorse, and then she went and killed the next night (Killer Cult). How can you Take the main part in 7 murders in two nights and not apologizes to any of the victim 's families or show remorse? Patricia doesn’t care about the safety of others, she sees us humans as objects and that 's a problem because that makes us a easy target when she angry or upset. To patricia were a tissue she whips her nose with and then throw’s away. (Press, The Associated) Patricia is a threat to society. Releasing her from prison is a dangerous matter. yes, she has been incarcerated for
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