No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home
To me home is where you go to get away from the crazy outside world. Home is a place where you feel a sense of belonging and familiarity. Home for me is currently here in Derby, Kansas. For almost 19 years now my home has been where my mother lives. My mom makes wherever we stay at feel like home. I feel the love and security I get throughout the house and it 's just the greatest feeling. It is the first house my parents have owned and it makes it that much more special to me. I am blessed I have a place to go when I want to escape the rest of the world.
I am allowed to go home each and every day as I please. But only because my lovely mother allows me to come and go. Since day one of moving into the house my mom has had it feeling just like a home should in my eyes. You walk in and you can just tell whoever lives in the house is really about family, it is a very pleasant feel. There is pictures of friends and family all over the walls. I smile each time I pass the pictures and reminisce on the special moments and people in them. In my house you have a chance to see the cats zoom by if you get in the front door fast enough. Or you might have to chase after the dogs if you don 't shut the outside glass door correctly. Or maybe you are lucky enough to get there when mom is working in the kitchen. From what I have been told by friends and family that is the best time to walk in, and I agree. But no matter the time you walk into my special place it 's always a
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