No Plastic Bag Day Research Proposal

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Introduction and problem statement
The environmental consciousness of the public and consumer has been increasing due to emergence of campaigns through media and public education during the century. The green concept is embraced by a lot of organizations and rabid environmentalists. Green product such as product without hazardous materials, energy saving components or recyclable items is very common in the society. There are also individuals who give priority to green product which bears eco-labels during their purchase. One of the more well known “green” consumer products is Body Shop who claims their products to be non-animal tested with recycling/refillable policies.
In order to be compatible in this business world, a lot of company
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It is well known that there are floating islands of trash in most of the world's oceans. The huge amounts of plastic trash we all discard daily doesn't decompose, doesn't break down, and most of it is toxic to the animals that accidentally consume it. The current rate of plastic consumption is not sustainable and is starting to create a huge problem for marine life particularly. Fish eat toxic plastic bits. We catch the fish and eat the fish. Its only a matter of time before we've polluted our own food supplies with plastic trash. ( source

sales : The exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent; the act of selling

busineses reputation : Reputation may be considered as a component of the identity as defined by others source wikipedia

Plastic bags have a cost to the environment and public health. They are not compatible with closed loop waste management systems, require consumption of increasingly scarce oil resources, require input of a high quantity of energy in manufacturing and are easily replaceable. Currently, the true cost to society of single-use plastic bag distribution is not captured in the price of plastic bags since damages resulting from their use are felt externally from the consumer, indicating a

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