No Prayer in the Public Schools Essay

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Over the past three decades, the issue of the role of prayer in the public school system has become increasingly controversial. The current debate juggles the opposing interpretations of the exact intentions of America's Founders, who came from an other country, England, in pursuite of expanded freedoms. The first colonists in the 17th century especially desired religious freedom, because their former British government forced them all to learn and practice a centralized religion. Consequently, A merica's first legislators made certain that their religiously pluralistic nation would not be the victim of government intervention in religious matters. Therefore, religious freedom was guaranteed in the First Amendment to the …show more content…
The dispute over school prayer has evolved from the government's uncertainty of the relationship between itself and the church. As included in the Constitution, the national government intended for the sanction of all religious affiliations, yet m any state governments did not support this regulation. For instance, a number of public schools displayed favoritism and partiality toward certain religions over others in the form of financial subsidy and religious accommodation. Therefore, to ensure t hat the national and state governments could not interfere with religious establishments, a more precise interpretation of the religious clauses of the First Amendment became known as secularism, or complete separation of the church and the government.

The concept of secularism seems to parallel the idea incorporated in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Because all Americans citizens, including minorities and nonbelievers hold equal inalienable rights to their religious beliefs, t he government must accommodate all of its citizens. The First Amendment maintains that the government needs to remain neutral, can not "coerce," and can not "prescribe" a faith (Alley 254). Since

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