No Resources Left And Be On The Verge Of Dying By Pat Frank

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Think about what it would be like to have no resources left and be on the verge of dying. In Pat Frank’s, Alas Babylon this question is asked over and over. One never truly knows when one is going to have to prepare for the worst, but in this book the main character gets a hint that it is coming before it actually comes. Randy Bragg is a fortunate man, he has never had to struggle for what he wants, causing him to drink and be a carefree person, but this changed with one telegram. Randy is a person who would not survive in a time of crisis and need of survival, or so one thinks at the beginning of Alas Babylon. Randy was prepared for what was to come and he knew what he needed to do in order to survive. One of the main things that kept Randy alive was the people he surrounded himself with; he knew who he needed and each of their talents. Randy was a selfless person and knew he could not fight for his life alone; he was in need of the people around him. Some people will do whatever it takes to survive, using all of their resources. While others cannot handle the change, they believe there is no use in living anymore in times of crisis. Each person deals with a time of crisis differently, but survival is or should be everyone’s main goal. In a time of crisis, one can see the true character of the people around them and the worth of each person.
After reading Alas Babylon one notices how much we need to survive. Once you notice what one needs to survive, one has to know how

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