No Secret That Our Educational System Has Flaws

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It’s no secret that our educational system has flaws, and that policymakers are often deeply divided over how to address those flaws. One of the more divisive issues in education today is the creation and implementation of a national set of educational standards, particularly in the subjects of mathematics, science and English. Some people believe that creating a national curriculum and applying it in all schools across the nation will help to improve our educational system; others believe that the argument over national standards is merely distracting from the real problems, and that a common set of standards will not solve any of those issues. I am personally in favor of creating a nation-wide standard for education, although I acknowledge that the process of designing and carrying out these changes will present numerous challenges for those to whom the job falls. Still, I believe that a national curriculum would be a step in the right direction. As it stands, states across the country have wildly differing criterion for what their students should be learning and when they should be learning it. Two students, in the same grade, in different schools can be learning completely different things in their classes. This creates problems for parents, students, and teachers in our schools on a number of levels.
Firstly, the lack of a national curriculum makes things unnecessarily difficult for families that move around frequently, particularly military families. Children can
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