No Shame On My Game By Katherine Newman

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In Katherine Newman’s No Shame in My Game, she examines and analyzes the working poor in the inner city. She does so in order to draw conclusions about how to help and dispute common stereotypes. A research study may be able to have more than one resolution, in this case Newman’s research design has more than one purpose. I believe her research study displays a bit of all three exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. By traveling throughout the New York City streets, and reflecting on what New York used to be. Newman is presenting her exploratory purpose to her research study by exploring her desire to know what it was like and how it is today, pondering, asking herself questions and wanting the answers. Which delves into a…show more content…
She focuses on the 69% of people in Harlem that did have at least one person working, yet were “poor.” Newman’s conceptualization of poverty differs from other studies of poverty because not only did she do research but she also joined the community. She did fieldwork, and interviews of the people who were actually living that life. She became part of the community so that she can better understand what it is that’s going on. She went in there and asked all the necessary questions and found out from the people who were living this life first hand what it was like. She states that all her colleagues spent their lives from graduate school to retirement studying the problem of poverty. She didn’t just study it from the outside, she went in and interviewed and got her questions answered. Katherine collected many types of data. She conducted interviews, asked questions, studied and watched the people closely. She came to find that there were other factors that explains there poverty level and some factors that were reasons as well. Education was low, most people weren’t educated, and this lead to low income jobs at places such as “Burger Barn.” Education resulted in a lack of common knowledge, such
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