No Social Conventions for Jesus

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Religion Essay
Jesus did not adhere to social conventions of the time when dealing with the marginalised. Jesus challenged social conventions by showing love, forgiveness and compassion towards women, Samaritans, and outcasted people. In Jesus’ time women we’re at a lower stat to men, and there was a large lack of equality in that time.
Jesus’ treatment of women was unorthodox. Jesus treated women with equality and respect. This was unusual because during the time of Jesus women were considered to be second class citizens. They were considered inferior to men, and forced to do all the housework and cooking. Men were seen as the more dominant role, women often were seen as lazy, and dependant on men. In their own household, they were seen dominant, but in the eyes of the outside world, they were seen as slaves. On their period, they were seen unclean, during this time they generally stayed inside more often, they avoided being in contact with the outside as they would be judged and frowned upon. Jesus treated women with compassion and kindness. This is evident when he allowed the woman, who was seemingly seen to be a prostitute, wash his feet in her tears. Even though he was frowned upon from those around him, he still allowed her to continue this. It is secondly evident when Mary, the sister of Martha, had invited Jesus over for a dinner. Mary, a woman, sat down and listened to Jesus’ preaching’s, instead of cooking and cleaning. This left the rest of the people listening
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