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INSY 5337 Data Warehousing – Term Paper
NoSQL Databases: An Introduction and Comparison between Dynamo,
MongoDB and Cassandra
Authored ByNitin Shewale Aditya Kashyap Akshay Vadnere Vivek Adithya Aditya Trilok

Data volumes have been growing exponentially in recent years, this increase in data across all the business domains have played a significant part in the analysis and structuring of data. NoSQL databases are becoming popular as more organizations consider it as a feasible option because of its schema-less structure along with its capability of handling BIG Data. In this paper, we talk about various types of NoSQL databases based on implementation perspective like key store, columnar and document oriented. This
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Soft State – Since the data is distributed, there is no assurance of consistency.

Eventually Consistent – The data would be consistent eventually, even if it’s not at a given point in time [5][6][10].

3. Features of NoSQL

Flexible Data Models – NoSQL allows horizontal data partitioning across different distributed systems or processors. However, relational model has a fixed schema in

contrast to NoSQL. Applications based on NoSQL have data models explicitly designed and augmented for them.

Partial Record Updates – Data models that use NoSQL emphasize on column based processing that enable data aggregation on more than one attributes and entities.

Optimized MapReduce Processing – MapReduce, a native functionality for data movement and mapping is a part of NoSQL.

Horizontal Scalability – It allows on-the-fly addition of the processors with their own resources. Each node is fed with a subset of data to process, thus increasing the efficiency of the application. Horizontal scalability is more achievable in NoSQL data model as compared to RDBMS [1].

4. Types of NoSQL Databases

Key Value -> Key value data stores references the data using a unique key. The unique key acts as a link to the data that is randomly and independently stored on the disk.
Addition of new data values can be
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