No Stipend for College Athletes Essay examples

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No Stipend for the Athletes
When people think of college they automatically connect it to football or basketball, because these sports are a major part of any college’s means of funding and advertising. Athletics in college over the years has become increasingly big amongst the social media and people. Today you could turn on the TV and almost always see a college football or basketball game playing. With the increasing interest in these sports and their players, people are starting to question if the players should get compensation for the hard work and publicity they bring to their college. While many may be in favor of college athletes being paid, I am not. College athletes should not get any more money than they already have through scholarships, not every college could afford such compensation and College athletes may not get paid now but their exposure can earn them millions in the long run.
College athletes have many more privileges than other students. Many students who go to college do not have a scholarship and are more than likely paying by means of student loans. Athletes have more than likely received a scholarship into his/her desired sport and that scholarship covers room and board, tuition, certain classes, and all required books (Allen, Rick). Students who do not play sports get to say the same thing. According to census bureau data, college graduates earn approximately $1 million more during their lifetimes than people whose highest educational attainment…

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