No Strings Attached Movie

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The movie No Strings Attached depicts the relationship between Emma and Adam and shows how they reached their happy ending. The first time they met was at a summer camp fifteen years before they developed a romantic relationship. It could be fate that makes them keep bumping into each other. These two characters are not only experiencing friendship, but simultaneously they develop romantic feelings for each other, which then leads to a termination of any kind of relationship they had before. All the sequence of events that happen in this movie can be explain through interpersonal communication. In first scene, two young kids, Emma and Adam unconsciously become friends, which indicates that idea of involuntary paradox. Neither of them…show more content…
Patrice and Adam put a pause on their friendship when they went their marry ways, but once they see each other, it is like they have never been apart picking up where they left off. At first Emma is really exited to see Adam, until he introduces her to Vanessa. Emma is not willing to admit she has feeling for Adam because she doesn’t want to get hurt. This reviles that Emma has developed feeling for Adam as being more than just friends. They chat for a bit about how Emma has just moved to L.A. to intern at a local hospital. And quickly things begin to get awkward and no one is saying anything. Not liking the situation, Vanessa tell Adam they have to go, but before they leave Emma gives Adam her phone number, where both promise to keep in touch but end up not follow through their promises. Their friendship is not intentionally nurtured it will disintegrate. In Knapp’s relational entropy, all friendships need to have momentum and need to be nurtured to last. Distance or time change relationship so if they would have kept in touch, they could have kept their friendship balanced. They forget about each other and they go on living their own life, like they have never been in each there’s life in any way. For a friendship to work both parties need to put in effort in order for it to flourish and remain intact. The movie jumps to a scene in present day, where Adam works for a TV show as a production assistant. From the beginning it comes

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