No Such Thing as a Hero in the Novel, Heroes by Robert Cormier

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‘No one in the novel can actually be seen as a hero.’ To what extent do you agree? In the novel ‘Heroes’ it is shown that there is no such thing as a real hero, because everyone has a weakness, Cormier uses Larry LaSalle, Francis Cassavannt and the veterans as a way to convey this message. The protagonist Francis is portrayed as having both heroic and cowardly personality; this forces the reader to consider what makes a real hero. To some people a hero might be someone with great strength or ability. Perhaps someone admired for their great achievements or great qualities. But in this case it is someone who is admired for their great courage and nobility a man in contrast to Francis Cassavant. Firstly Francis is the first person narrator of the novel. It is told through his eyes, directly to the reader which gives us insight into his thoughts and feelings and engages our sympathy. It is clear at the starting of the novel Francis has just come back from the war. Cormier clearly shows that Francis has some Facial disfigurements “the war is over and I have no face”. This is from an act of bravery in the war when he saved his platoon by jumping on the grenade. Cormier made sure that the interpretations of Francis were that he was ugly, worn down with people’s ruthless comment, and alone. The author initially made Francis into a character, who thinks very little of himself, dislikes the way he looks and who doesn’t fit into everybody’s idea of a hero. Here Cormier has made us

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