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No Sugar Character Analysis Jimmy serves as the voice of protest throughout the play. Make a list of the ways Jimmy fulfills this role. In Davis’ drama the character Jimmy serves as a voice of protest against the works highlighting of discrimination against Aborigines between 1929 to 1934. Jimmy is an Aboriginal man who despises the fact he is not equal in society to the white man and is not regarded as a ‘person’ by the government. Through Jimmy’s words and actions we see him openly stand up for himself and his people in they way they are treated by white people subsequently fulfilling his role as the voice of protest in the play. The most dramatic example of Jimmy fulfilling his service is when he argues with Mr Neville, the…show more content…
The most striking scenes in the play that summarizes Milly’s role is when she is told her rations of soap, food and toilet paper are being cut, and she will not be able to care for her family to the same degree when cooking, cleaning and washing up for everyone. * What function does the character of Sam serve in the play? Sam does not play a major role in Davis’ playwright; he is more or less a supporting character. * What aspects of Aboriginal life during the Depression do you think Joe represents? Explain an incident from the play that illustrates this. I believe Joe represents the battling Aboriginal of not only the Depression but early colonialist Australia. He is a man whom throughout the play fights for his rights, the basic necessities of life for his people as well as his cultural heritage. * Why did Mary defy Mr Neal? What did she achieve? What role does the character of Mary play in the text? The text suggest Mary was r**** by Mr Neal just as one of her friends were... * What effect on the audience do you think the character of Mr Neal achieves? Mr Neal is presented throughout the text as a very cut-throat sexist man who only cares about himself. His character build up throughout the play makes people sympathize the people Mr Neal attacks and is not it favor of. * Explain Matron Neal’s attitudes towards the Aborigines. What aspect of the Aboriginal

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