No Sugar

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No Sugar
No Sugar (1986), a play exploring the treatment of Aboriginal people in the 1930’s, was written by Jack Davis, an Aboriginal Western Australian who grew up in Yarloop and the Moore River Settlement. No Sugar is told from the point of view of an Aboriginal family who are coerced into living at an Aboriginal reserve because the white people in their community didn’t like them living close to them. The authority at the settlement are very abusive creating conflict between the Millimurra family and the authorities. The main focus during this play is racism, which Davis has outlined as an upsetting theme that should be erased from society. Davis uses sub-topics to convey this message; such as the inequality of the ways Aboriginal
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This is because the audience views the Millimurra family as people too, not just a number that is going to win somebody an election.
“GRAN: Scabies? We ain’t got it.”4
Another example of the authorities abusing their power is when Mr Neal abuses the girls who work in the hospital for his own pleasure. The custom, of white men raping Aboriginal women, although not technically allowed, it is accepted in both the Aboriginal community and the white Australian community. When one of the main characters, Mary, is asked to work in the hospital she is convinced Mr Neal has asked her to do so, so he can rape her.
“MARY: When Mr Neal sends a girl to work at the hospital it usually means…
JOE: Means what?
Mary: that he wants that girl… for himself”5
This abuse of power occurs because the authority believes that they can do whatever they like to the Aboriginal people, women in particular because these people have no power. Davis positions the reader to respond negatively to this theme, through relatable characters such as the Millimurra family and Mary; characters the audience doesn’t view as any different to themselves because of their skin colour. The idea of the authority, an institution that is supposed to enforce what is right and wrong, is behaving badly and racist creates very negative attitudes towards the authority to the audience. It also makes characters such as Mr Neal appear foul and unlikeable characters. The abuse of power due
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