No System Can Maintain Efficiency And Sustainability Without A Leader

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No system can maintain efficiency and sustainability without a leader. Similar to how a bird leads a flock, or the heart powers the body, a governing system is mandatory to stabilize a country, not only with rules and regulations, but through economic intervention. The government is reliable in areas of weakness in the country’s social issues, geographical issues and financial issues, and is liable to bring prosperity to Canadians through support. Government intervention is an essential component to Canada’s economy to ignite sustainable economic growth.

Government efforts to revive social issues facing Canadians are essential to improve the standard of living and spark economic growth. For instance, efforts from the government are essential to reduce poverty in further developing a long-term stable economy. Primarily, the government reduces poverty with increases to the minimum wage; Canada’s recent “minimum wage increase…benefit[s] Barrie, and in particular single parents… allowing them to feel less stressed about finances and living from paycheque to paycheque…[as] the new act further increases workers’ wages by tying future minimum-wage increase to the [CPI]” (Browne, 2014). From 2007 the government has raised minimum wage faster than employment (See Appendix E) meaning the economy is strengthening. Increased wages decrease the poverty by allowing more citizens to keep up with inflation, seek jobs, and stimulate the economy with disposable income, increase demand, and
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