No Taxation Without Representation On Future Americans

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It is a core founding principle of our nation that there will be no taxation without representation. The current fiscal actions of our nation will pass the burden on to future generations, and they will be the ones required to pay for today’s spending. Without a say in this fiscal burden being passed to them, the lack of a balanced budget is in effect, taxation without representation on future Americans. My proposed amendment to the United States Constitution would create a requirement for a balanced national budget each year. This is the most fundamental solution to our nation’s unsustainable debt. There are many reasons for the necessity of this amendment, including the reduced debt, increased investments in our country, heightened national security, and the bolstering of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Our nation’s fiscal issues are on a common source of frustration among citizens, so well-known that it was almost anticlimactic when Standard & Poor downgraded our credit rating. This downgrading, which occurred in 2011, was a very symbolic blow to what is considered by most as the most powerful economic nation in the world. The credit rating company said that the nation’s debt has made the United States ability to manage its finances “less stable, less effective, and less predictable” (Washington Post). While many consider this downgrading a political critique of the political leaders of America, it is also a simple political conclusion. The AAA rating the
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