No Turning Back : History Of Feminism And The Future Of Women

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People justify their actions primarily on the history and “traditions” they were taught. Religious history can be found as the reasoning behind holding gender asymmetry in modern society; seeing that religion is a main social institution that plays a big part in patriarchy, it is not shocking for people to use this to maintain injustices between genders. Within the actual church system, anyone can see the gender asymmetry by looking at the head of the church; most pastors and priests are indeed males. While there are some female leaders in various churches, a lot of these women are looked down upon, held to different standards, and given less respect due to the historical references society has put on church leadership. In Estelle Freedman’s book, “No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women,” she said, “The major Western monotheistic religions, which originated around five thousand years ago in the ancient Middle East, provide a good example of the use of supernatural theories to support patriarchy” (3). Freedman mentions biblical stories in which God ordained man to rule and have authority over women like the stories of Eve coming from the rib of Adam; ultimately women came from men, thus give them a greater prestige and power. There are also verses in the bible which dictate that “the man of the house” should be the spiritual leader of the household, though some historical references put the spiritual responsibility into the hands of the wife later

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