No Two People Hold The Same Personality. What Even Is A

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No two people hold the same personality. What even is a personality? It stems from the Latin word persona, which means mask. Not everyone wears a mask, but we do all have unique characteristics and traits inside that separate us as individuals. Many theories have arisen to try to understand the human behaviors we notice every day. Common dimensions of humanity, such as pessimism vs optimism, lead people to analyze themselves and others without even noticing. Society naturally tends to separate everything into categories or groups even and somehow we just end up forming to the one we are most influenced by. Hello, I am Jamye. Who am I? Well, what a great question to ask. Even though I have a lot of growing to do, I like to think I got…show more content…
Imagine leaving for a trip one person and coming back another. Veterans do not want to sit and talk with people who have personal understanding of what they have been trough. Their trust issues grow stronger every day and lead to more urgent issues like suicide. People hand out pills as if it is candy. Somehow thinking it will solve everything, but no not always. Medication thrives when used properly but my opinion it is overused. However, it seems to be the first option for deviant behavior. I want to change this mindset and find ways to help seal the cracks between people who suffer with traumatic experiences. For the reason that, many people become dependent on medication and it ascends to deeper issues that not only effect the victim but their families. The first thing that come to mind for alternate solution is animal therapy. It is common to find veterans putting their trust into a dog because they feel comforted. My thought process makes me believe that people need to overcome their insecurities before they open up and talk about their past experiences. You often hear people say you are not alone, so then why does everyone feel alone? In my opinion more support groups need to be made that actually impact victims positively. Families struggle with connecting with someone after a traumatic experience because it can lead to outbreaks, yelling, and changes in behavior. Having to care of someone who feels like a complete stranger

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