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Dog Food Fried, Flipped and Devoured
Eating dog food may not be seen as the easiest thing to stomach because the smell, texture and by-products found within the mixture are thought of as awful and revolting. In Ann Hodgman’s “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch”, although the title may suggest otherwise, different types of dog food are discussed. In this essay, Hodgman aims to inform her readers about the inequality in different types of dog food, as well as to entertain and amuse. Hodgman is writing to a broad audience, one of dog lovers and owners, as well as those that may be curious as to what is really in dog food, or more generally the packaging and processing of mass-produced food of any kind. Language, description and humor are
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For example, the author discusses a ‘lite’ dog food and how the most positive part of the meal was that it didn’t make her fat (313). There is also a small amount of irony in the essay through the idea of a taste-testing going on, although it is not the pleasant experience of its connotation. The effect of this hilarity creates a stronger contrast between the subject of the essay and comedic tone of the writer.
In using the different techniques of language, description and humor, the author effectively creates a bond with the reader, while at the same time informing and entertaining. At the core of this essay, Hodgman is looking at how we view not only our dog’s processed and packaged food, but ours as well. Implied in the text are the questions regarding how well we take care of our pets and ourselves. I think that the largest unknown within the essay is the question of how she made it through the smell, texture and appearance of all this dog food. This leaves us being reminded that if you’re determined, there will be a way to make it through the mock bone marrows and the Butcher’s Blends and perhaps find a little bit more in food, and in life, than oily nuggets and canned by-products. (553)

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