Noah Perseveres

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So Noah built an Ark, when there was no such thing as rain and yet he kept on building. Imagine with me for a moment, how ridiculous this scene would have seemed. Was Noah ever doubtful, probably but he was more faithful than doubtful so the big boat was eventually built. It took 120 years from instruction to completion. If you were there in Noah’s day and you went to Noah’s church, you see in my holy imagination it’s Pastor Noah, and although he works hard all week creating a future story of glory, he still gets asked by his congregation every Sunday, ‘what are you doing?’ even after he preaches his good but oft repeated sermon entitled, “It’s Going To Rain, Get in the Boat”. Noah perseveres. You and I would have probably given up long ago by now, but no, not Noah. Noah kept the faith, preaching the same message, building the same boat for 120 years. We can barely stay in faith believing for 120 minutes sometimes. You may be tempted to call him crazy like his friends did but you can’t call him…show more content…
Faith is: trusting God and believing His Word. This definition has proven to be very significant in my walk with God.

In the New Testament, there are generally two words used for doubt. Each of the words represents a different form of the problem and may require different actions to overcome.

Like the trapeze artist, our leap of faith comes in three distinct phases: letting go, waiting, and being caught. Christians are not people who never doubt. They are simply people who are willing to let go of anything that keeps them from God, who wait for their doubt to one day be transformed into knowing, and who trust that they will ultimately be caught by God. If we do not believe in, wait for, and trust in Jesus, who or what will we be waiting for and trusting
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