Noah and Saskia

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Qns: Noah and Saskia’s avatars are a positive way for them to deal with the pressures of growing up. “Noah and Saskia” is about two teenagers who deal with tough issues in their lives such as the expectations placed on them by their parents. They both meet on the internet, on a website called ‘webweeve’. Noah writes comics while Saskia loves to play the guitar. They decide to use their skills to perfect Noah’s comic. The only problem, Noah lives in England and Saskia lives in Australia. Noah and Saskia’s personas are a positive way for them to cope with the distractions of becoming an adult because they can talk about their problems and to relive stress. Throughout the essay, these positive ways will be explored such as: opening up to…show more content…
This shows that he cares for Saskia and is jealous that she is spending time with Ernesto. Although things seem rocky, they achieve inner thoughts and feelings which helps them to dissolve them to discover their own identities. The slogan for the T.V series is “Who do you want to be”, this is a relative quote that relates to the whole series. Noah and Saskia have a dream to be just like Indy and Max in reality. To have
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