Nobel Prize Research Paper

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Nobel Prize
In this paper I am going to discuss the Nobel Prize. Firstly I will inform you of the history of the prize, secondly its origin, and how it is awarded today. After that I will discuss the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1901 Nobel Prize for Physics, and the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Alfred Nobel
The Nobel Prize was named after a Swedish inventor and industrialist, Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833. He was born into a wealthy family, although due to the misfortune of losing building materials on sunken barges, Immanuel Nobel, Alfred’s father, was forced into bankruptcy the same year Alfred was born. In 1842 the family moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. Alfred
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Although he started working on IVF in the 1950s it took him about 30 years to make it successful, and about 60 years until he won the Nobel Prize. Edwards is a professor at the University of Cambridge England, he also founded Bourn Hall, the first IVF center. Today, vitro fertilization is responsible for over 4 million births worldwide. Edwards discovered that an embryo can be fertilized in a Petri dish in a laboratory ((4) The steps of IVF are started by prescribing a fertility medication to control the timing of the eggs release. They monitor the ovaries using ultrasound to make sure the multiple eggs can be collected and that they are developing the eggs properly and that his is called ovulation induction. To retrieve the eggs a minor operation is required, sedation and anesthesia is used to prevent discomfort. A hollow needle is inserted through the pelvic cavity into the ovary to collect the eggs. Now the sperm is needed for completion of the procedure, this is collected by ejaculation. The process of insemination now begins; a single sperm is injected into the egg for fertilization. The egg is monitored to make sure cell division is achieved. It is now considered an embryo after it is fertilized. Three days after the egg is retrieved from the ovary, and fertilization is achieved then it is inserted into the women’s uterus. The two to four cell embryos is placed
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