Noble Feat Of Nike

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Back to last week we had read two articles in the new world reader. Both are talking about how American seize the richness by taking advantage from the cheap labor in other nation. By reading over the article “the noble feat of Nike” written by Johan Nordberg. We know human are greedy. In the story we saw the wealthy company in United States, they won’t be satisfy with the riches them have,neither in the future. So, company set up a lot of factory in other poor nation, what we call “third world”. The goal of this investment in the third world is in order to increase the amount of their money, and success in capitalism globalization more effectively, all due to squeezing the resource in other nation such as human resources. What if those American company or factory ran out the business in third world, will life be better .Therefore this is the article that I chose to write. There is two article, the reason I am favoring the paper that Johan Nordberg wrote is in…show more content…
In Vietnam, the American company like Nike and Coca-Cola they had set up their factory and company there, and in order to run the business they have hire a lot of workers . In fact, Vietnam is not a well develop communist country like china and Russia dose, so their economic and currency value is lower than other countries. It makes the worker no matter man and woman. All of their slaveries are a lot lower than the worker hired in the mainland United States. In fact, in the text “The average pay at a Nike factory close to Ho Chi Minh is $54 a month” and compare to the minimum wage we receive in the United States, our lower class worker be a millionaire in Vietnam, how funny can the world be. Therefore American companies dug up a lot of resource and money just by take advantage of the Vietnamese
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