Noble Leadership Vision

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My Noble leadership Vision Nowadays a lot of people seeking to understand their leadership vision, Noble leadership vision. And I guess such question rises both in young’s minds and minds of very experienced ones who already went through a lot of events, successful and not really, who still looking for right direction to follow. To be honest I never thought how difficult it would be to define my own leadership vision, but it’s very important for the future success to have clear understanding who I am, what I know and what I can do. I personally believe that each leadership vision should be guided only by positive intentions, otherwise we will never succeed. Of course sometimes it’s much easier to follow wrong, but very simple way, but…show more content…
Next I guess comes from influence of collectivist society where I came from. In our society the opinion, support, mutual respects have high priority. We dependable from our surrounding and must feel that we do right things in order to move further. However one fact always should be kept in mind that only people from whom u can get something positive, who will inspire you for better achievements should be around you to provide continues growth and pull us forward. Honestly in the future I would like to be considered such person to somebody, person whom asking for advice, sharing opinion or support. Moreover, I would like to convince my followers, not myself or my superiors, that I’m worthy to be followed to. Talking about my personal vision in let’s say twenty years I would like to say that the main priority for me to have good family, to feel myself as a leader and good example for my children. Definitely I want to see fulfilled all my knowledge, competencies, skills and abilities. The position of chief financial officer or project management issue will be enough to satisfy my ambitions. Because I should remember that first of all I’m a female and work not always has positive influence on family. In addition I surely know that will move forward high results only until I be completely sure that everything ok in my
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