“Nobody Can Ever Hide Behind A Camera. Accept The Fact

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“Nobody can ever hide behind a camera. Accept the fact that when you make pictures you are revealing a lot about yourself”, stated Patterson and Gallant (2007, p. 13) to explain that all photographers put their passion and their vision in the pictures they are taking. Currently, the use of photography is exponentially expanding, for business and personal use, because of the use of technology. For ordinary people, photography is a collection of memory, lifestyle, and relationships. For enthusiasts or hobbyists, they are people who want to demonstrate their self-representation and self-expression. All these feelings and reasons have been transforming in the digital environment, even though there are advocates for the traditional (House,…show more content…
After that, the camera is ready for the next picture. This concept is important to know because the quality of the picture depends on this knowledge. In both cameras it is important to measure the amount of light that enters through the lens and reaches the behind component, being it film or sensor. The other important similarity is that the images must be revealed from the film and from the image file. Images from film cameras are stored in rolls of films as stated before. Those images need processing with some chemical products to reveal the picture. The whole process needs to be in a dark room, where the light cannot interfere in this process and “burn” the image. If the photographer wants to reveal his own photos, it is necessary to learn the film reveal process. In images captured with digital cameras, for a more professional or artistic photo, the images should be “revealed” as film pictures. The digital process is to treat the image in an image editor software, such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This digital image processing is to correct distortions, chromatic aberrations and adjust colors. After that is optional to print the photo or share on-line. A digital photographer should learn how to use the image-editor software if he wants to reveal his photos. Although both processes are similar, digital pictures are easier and faster to learn and process the photos. It is important to note, however, that the contrasts are the main factors to make a
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