Nobody Know By David Grazian Analysis

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“Nobody Knows: How the Media and Culture Industries Work” by David Grazian explains the relationship between the media and how culture creates a web of networks that assist the implementation of popular culture in media. Media plays a huge role in how popular culture is spread to different parts of the world. In addition, the article emphasizes the importance of how film, music, and record industries bring in revenue and how they are able to attract the audience through the utilization of the media to spread the product. Grazain also points out that it is quite difficult for the industries to target an audience as everyone prefer different types of genres. However, the industries will rely on boundary spanners and gatekeepers. These individuals …show more content…

For instance, the film industry would overproduce similar products into the market. So they would continue to produce films that have similar genres or contents in order to avoid risk within the industry. In addition, by overproducing, especially for one company with three films out, if one of them fails to produce a specific amount for the costs another film will compensated for the loss of the other film. However, this strategy will depend on whether or not the films are viewed more than other films, as this strategy is not guaranteed for all films. In addition, to just the film industry with cinemas, there is also the internet that allows a wider and quicker spread of films to the world. These are referred as secondary markets. Secondary markets allow companies to generate more profit when its premieres do not generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the making of the film. This occurs frequently to films that do not appeal to the audience or it just lacks a ‘wow’ factor of the audiences. However, I think the film industry is just continuously creating the same genre films every year without actually coming up with something new. Everyone always knows the end result of the same genre films. For example, films that are based on romance, the ending would be the main female ends up with the main male. Another example would be superheroes films where in the end the hero saves the world. But, no matter how recessive the genre is, people continue to be drawn in regardless of its repetitive

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