Nobody 's Son Is The Winner Of The American Book And Translated Around The World

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Nobody’s son is the winner of the American book and translated around the world. Luis Alberto Urrea is the author. He wrote several categories of books. He is a member of the Latino Literature Hall of Fame. When he was a child, he lived in neighbor where there was racial discrimination. His mom was a segregationist, so she abandoned him to live with his father. His father wanted to teach him to be a real man. However, his instructions were too aggressive. Therefore, learning something quickly from critical situations, forcing kids to do some dislikes to stop crying, enhancing patience from facing injuries, and being a bad model for kids are too offensive to instruct kids to be a real man. To instruct children to be able to do something rapidly by practicing in a dangerous situation does not mean to be a real man. Parents might let their children learn how to train some abilities by themselves, but parents should not teach their children in a dangerous situation because children cannot help themselves yet. For instance, Luis’s dad teaches him how to ride a bike like a real man. He removes training wheels and tells Luis to ride a bike on the road, which many cars are driving. Luis falls down on the road with blood on his arm, and a driver honks a horn. This might be Luis’s luckiness that the car does not hit him. A critical situation cannot prove to be a real man. His father may misunderstand that practicing in a terrible situation is what a real man

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