Noise Non Uniformity Assessment

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I will be the first to tell you, I was not an excellent student my first two years. I was a foolish one who had stayed in school while I should have been in a hospital. Maybe I made a poor choice to be enrolled in classes while ill but I wouldn’t dream of changing it as it was therapeutic in and of itself. While I may not be the best student on paper, I hope this document will make you take a second look at who I am as a student and let it speak to my skills and character.
Although I am still just an undergraduate, I have had the great fortune to already participate in the academic community through research. Specifically, I have been worked for my P.I., Tim P. Szczykutowicz, within the medical physics department of the Wisconsin Institute
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The research aspect of my job is by far and away my favorite part about, and has led me to develop a useful skill set. Not only am I well versed in MATLAB, but I have learned image processing techniques and how to apply statistical methods to draw up relevant conclusions. From these separate experiences, we have had one paper on CT protocol management published and another one on the correlation of patient positioning and noise non uniformity under review. Under the supervision of Dr. Szczykutowicz, I will be pursuing my own independent research, with the same ideas in mind but on a much larger scale. Being in a clinical setting means access to patient data, and luckily a database of over 50,000 images labeled as high or low image quality. My goals for this project are to use a variety of techniques to implement a system to verify the quality of an image upon the technicians receiving it from their PACS system. Further outcomes could possibly be the creation of new protocols or an application to recommend a technician redo a scan if it is determined to be of poor quality. This latest research is very connected to not only my research interests, but my career goals. Medical imaging is an amazing technique, it’s revolutionized how we diagnose patients, but that means…show more content…
In every area I started with nothing, when I started my job I didn’t know anything about image processing and didn’t even know how to properly use an oscilloscope before these past two semesters of design and student orgs. Along the way I made some large mistake, the most notable costing me over a hundred hours to fix however, it was just one more opportunity to learn and make sure that mistake wouldn’t be made again. I’m excited to begin the application process for graduate schools next fall as I know no matter how unpredictable the process, and eventually school, is I’ll be able to put the work in to succeed to the best of my abilities. Thank you for your
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