Noise as a Nursing Concept

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Noise as a Nursing Concept Table of Contents Introduction 2 Substantive Discussion on Scholarly Literature on Concept 2 Identification of Possible Use of Selected Concept 5 Determination of Defining Attributes 6 Identification of Model Cases 7 Identification of Antecedents and Consequences 9 Definition of Empirical Referents 10 Conclusion 10 Reference 11 Introduction The intercultural patient encounters are fraught with the miscommunication because different sources of communication noise. It further results in unsatisfactory interactions for the patients and the clinicians. The concept of noise in nursing involves the communication noise, which refers to the influences on effective communication that influences on the effective communication that further influences the interpretation of conversations. The communication noise can have a profound impact on the perception of interactions with other people while analyzing the proficiency of communication (Price, 1980; Schroetter & Wendler, 2008). Considering these aspects, this paper is providing the considerable understanding about the noise and communication concept in nursing. Substantive Discussion on Scholarly Literature on Concept In the context of nursing, noise involves such unnecessary noise that creates an expectation that it is hurting a patient. It can be said that it is the loudness of the noise affecting the ear, which seems to be affecting the sick people. It is asserted that a patient
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