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San Diego based skin research firm Noixia knows that repeated improper pore extraction causes tissue damage and acne scars. The pores are tiny openings in the skin that allow the skin to breathe. Pores also enable oils and waste to flow to the surface of the skin, which provides environmental protection.

However, sometimes the natural flow of oils and waste through the pores gets obstructed. This pore obstruction causes the nasty facial blemishes like blackheads, whiteheads and pus-filled pimples that consumers cannot wait to get rid of. Ergo, hasty pore extracting ensues.

To help consumers get the flawless skin they covet, Noixia investigated ways people could clear their congested pores at home without causing skin damage or scars.
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Dial pointed out, "Blackheads and congested pores are just an obvious signal that the skins cleansing and protecting system has momentarily malfunctioned. What happens with blackheads and congested skin is that the oils that naturally flow from the oil glands to the surface of the skin have hardened and turned white."

As the facial oils harden, they can no longer flow from beneath the skin to the surface of the skin.

Noixia developed a product called Blackhead Bandit to help consumers remove blackheads by normalizing the skins oil flow and dissolve these hardened pore blockages. Moreover, Noixia has created "blackhead melting" techniques to help consumers get more from this product.

Dial explains, "We advocate two methods of blackhead melting. The first is using a microwave heated wash cloth to help open the pores and to dislodge embedded, hardened waste trapped in the pores. Next, consumers apply the Blackhead Bandit cream to the face and then heat the skin with a blow-dryer for one to two minutes."

Noixia considers blackhead melting the natural alternative the constantly squeezing the
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