Nokia Burning Platform Memo

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a) Which elements related to James’ Operations Management definition do you identify within the “Burning Platform” memorandum?
James, T. (2011) defines Operations Management as the management of the processes which aid production of goods and or services. This implies that all production activities must be coordinated well to ensure a lean process of resource management is adopted.
Find below an analysis of “Burning Platform memo and as it relates to the definition of operations Management by James.
Elements of Operations Management’s definition by James, T (2011). Elements of Operations management in “Burning Platform” memorandum.

Management of processes involved in the production of goods and or services. In the memo, Mr.
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The measures are consistent with the five steps for Hill’s framework as below;
5 Steps of Hill’s Framework Steps recognized in the memo by Stephen Elop

Definition of corporate objectives The main corporate objective that Stephen Elop brought forward was to regain the lost market share when he stated that “…we are working on a path forward-a path to rebuild our market leadership…” The corporate objective would be communicated in future on February 11.
The memo urges all employees to embrace team spirit to face the challenges ahead.

Determination of marketing strategies to meet the corporate objectives The target markets for Nokia is the former Nokia stronghold regions- United Kingdom, UAE, Russia, Indonesia and Germany among others.
To effectively regain entry into the markets and remain competitive, the memo emphasizes on the evolution of Nokia and ensure that innovations are delivered to the market in a timely manner. Collaboration among the staff is
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Pros of using violent imagery and language
It brings out the real meaning of the message he intends to pass across to the employees of Nokia company. For example, when he says that the platform is burning while referring to Nokia, this simply notifies the employees that unless they take the necessary actions to prevent Nokia from collapsing, the company may not stand. There are many mistakes committed in the company which must be arrested to prevent further damage.
The violent imagery awakens everyone to think outside the box immediately.
Cons of using violent imagery and language
The violent imagery may cause panic among the workers. Some of the employees can give up on the company since it is already “burning.” The resulting demotivation can lead to further detrimental effects than intended corrective steps.
Personally, I feel motivated when violent imagery and language is used in the memo. This approach is unlikely to backfire because the facts are speaking loudly. First, the once leading Nokia company has lost most of its customer base. Additionally, the management has been reluctant to provide direction in the company. Additionally, the employees can also testify that Nokia has become inferior compared to other competing brands on the market. Some of the employees in Nokia company may be using the competitors’ brands at the time the memo was written. Therefore, the memo pointed out what was obvious in the minds
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