Nokia Case Study

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Case Study Assignment in MKTG 311

Case Study Assignment in MKTG 311

Fredrik Idestam founded Nokia in 1865 on the southern side of Finland. The company began as a wood pulp mill on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids. Later Idestam founded another mill on the Nokianvirta River (Nokia, 2007). In 1871 he named the company Nokia Ab. In 1982, Nokia designed its first digital telephone switch system, the Nokia DX200, and launches it into operation. From 1984 to 1991 Nokia 's evolution in the mobile communication market grew sharply with their first mobile phone, the Mobira Talkman, the invention of the first handheld NMT phone, and equipment used to make the world 's first GSM call (Nokia, 2007). In 1998,
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These products are aimed at individuals with low-earning potential, such as students, but still want a quality product with nice features. The expression level products have additional features not available on the entry-level products such as color displays and changeable face covers so the products are still affordable but the user still feels socially connected. This segment is aimed at users who are more socially involved than the entry-level users and have more discretionary income as well. The active category includes features such as stopwatches and digital compasses for the consumer who is active in sports and fitness (Kerin et al. 2006). Consumers who utilize fall into this market need a product that is tough and durable but still aesthetically pleasing and has quality features. The classic line allows consumers to roam between various global networks (Kerin et al. 2006). These phones are aimed at a more business conscience consumer who must stay connected at all times. The fashion segment includes phones for people who wish to "show off." The 7000 series of phones allows consumers to have a device with unique styling and materials that allow the owner to communicate their individual sense of style (Kerin et al. 2006). Finally, the premium line of mobile phones appeal to consumers who want a distinctive and elegant design and want the phone to be functional as well

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