Nokia Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan 4月 13 2012 Prepared by: Rebecca Mirzabozorg – 301112559 Sheng Yu – 301127910 Corina Inigo – 301136571 Echo Liu – 301132340 TA: Travis Mathieson Executive Summary This marketing plan focuses on the smartphone market in North America. It is based on an experiential image branding approach intended to generate awareness, long-lasting customer relationship, and brand loyalty comparable to…show more content…
In spite of the decrease in market share, Nokia has much room to grow with their newfound alliance with Microsoft (Microsoft News Center, 2011). The collaboration with Microsoft will be used as a leverage to entice students with the Windows 8 OS platform. Furthermore, an improved management to meet consumer demands, and increased promotional campaigns to increase brand awareness. 2 Externalities 2.1 PEST Analysis 2.2 Competitor Analysis Figure 2.2.1 North America Manufacturer Share: Q3 2011 Retrieved from Online Marketing Trends, 2011 In 2011, Nokia is still the top global mobile manufacturer but its market share is relatively low in North America with only 12%, including both smartphones and feature phones (Online Marketing Trends, 2011). Figure 2.2.2 Nokia smartphone market share in North America Retrieved from Strategy Analytics, 2012 As illustrated, failing to capitalize on the growing demand for smartphones, Nokia’s smartphone market share has been on a steady decline for the past 4 years in the smartphone-hungry North American market (Strategy Analytics, 2012). Figure 2.2.3 North America OS Share: Q4 2011 Retrieved from Nielsen, 2012 Smartphones made up 54% of all mobile phone sales in North America (SmartOnline, 2011). Nielsen 's figures show Android as the leading OS with 46.3% of all currently-owned
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