Nokia Product Design Analysis

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Webster University Nokia Product Design Analysis A Product Design Project for the new Lumia Century Jaqui Melton Business 6110 Professor Gary Sample December 20, 2013 Nokia Product Design Analysis 2 Abstract Having been made project manager for the design of Nokia’s new cell phone, the Lumia Century, the purpose of this report is to provide management with an anticipated project schedule and calculated project duration. In doing this, a project network has been created; and the slack times, not along the critical path were identified. Additionally, the impact of two possible changes was investigated and evaluations were made regarding whether or not the changes would be in Nokia’s best interest to pursue. Utilizing the…show more content…
It is important to recognize, as you proceed through this report that Nokia operates through three separate segments: devices and services, NSN and HERE (Nokia Corporation, 2013). The umbrella organization under which our global cell phone group falls is the Nokia Solutions Network (“NSN”) (DATAMONITOR, 2012), formally known as the Nokia Siemens Network--until the acquisition of Siemens’ stake by Nokia in July 2013—and is a leading provider of telecommunication infrastructure hardware, software and professional services, offering services globally. Serving over 600 communications service providers globally, our company is the second largest provider of our resources in terms of revenue. Our customers include telecom giants such as Bharti Artel, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone. In our current market position, our customer base ensures stable revenues, and Nokia Product Design Analysis 4 has created a difficult competitive position that is difficult for NSN competitors to replicate (DATAMONITOR, 2012). Method SWOT Analysis of Nokia Siemens Network Our diversified consumer base places us in a favorably unique position, competitively. Nevertheless, with the sluggish growth being experienced by the European telecom infrastructure markets, our
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