Nokia- Swot Analysis

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NOKIA: Change in Market Strategy
In 1865, Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer, founded a paper manufacturing company and called it Nokia. Finnish rubber Works became a part of the Nokia Company in 1920 and in 1922, Finnish cable Works joined them. All the three companies were merged to form Nokia group in 1967. But Nokia didn’t stopper here, they foray into new ventures like in power and electronic business in late 1970s. By 1987, consumer electronics became Nokia major business. Nokia Corporation (Nokia) is based at Finland. By 1998, Nokia becomes the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer. Its focus on telecommunications and its early
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>> NOKIA has acquired new companies, made new partner agreements and invested in new technologies. Recent example NOKIA went into partnership with INTEL, in Feb, 2009 so as to develop Meego software platform which will be used for their next mobile computer that will be launched shortly.
>> NOKIA worked hard to improve their communication network, deal with operator, customers, suppliers, retailers, developers and even some of its competitors so that everyone is benefited.
>> NOKIA’s main focus was on after sales service also, as they considered customers preferences and if the customers go anywhere they will receive service for their product easily and this helped in raising the NOKIA’s brand name.
SWOT is expanded as the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. These parameters are needed to study the market scheme of any company.
Nokia Strength is the Popularity of the Company. It is the most preferred mobile in any country. It has the sale of 52,000 in the year 1997 and it is the 34% increase from the previous year 8. The operating profit of this world’s largest mobile manufacturers is 5.0 and 37% of market share according to Q1 2009 and 35 % in Q1 2010. They have models for each segment and now placed at very competitive price will surely keep them ahead from their competitors.
Weakness is considered to be the internal factors. Weakness comes into play while the product is failing in the

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