Nokia and Smartphone Marketing Plan

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The article I have chosen reports that with the launch of a new range of smartphones, Nokia is also effectively changing its approach to marketing. The company is moving away from more traditional marketing like advertising in print media and shifting towards advertisements through social media and digital campaigns. This allows Nokia to place a greater emphasis on collaborating with its customers through its marketing communication channels. In doing so, Nokia hopes to be able to rival dominant market competitors by increasing its market share and tap onto the rapidly growing smartphone industry.
The main challenge that Nokia faces is to rival the market competitors such as Apple and Android who dominate the market for smartphones. As of
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Also, marketers must avoid being overly obsessed with the popularity of the communication strategy such as number of views on YouTube or fans on Facebook and neglect its role of the in the brand recognition which can be achieved by fulfilling customers’ needs and creating value.
In conclusion, as the smartphone market is already dominated by strong competitors that command large market shares and enjoy customer loyalty, Nokia would require competitive edge by offering greater value and an effective marketing strategy to create the planned positioning in the customer’s minds, and also more creative and innovation means of communication to build better customer relationships.

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