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Nokia’s Analysis Report in Comparison to Its Chief Competitors. Nokia currently has three chief competitors: Apple, HTC, and Samsung. All these firms operate in a similar market, offer similar products, and targets similar customers. It should also be noted that Nokia engage in multimarket competition because it competes with these firms in several product and geographic markets (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2013). For the purpose of this paper, a competitor analysis will be conducted to assess the present state of Nokia. Figure 1 gives a visual of the information that will be discussed. The financial information is according to Yahoo Finance. Figure1 Finance After analyzing Nokia’s finances compared to its competitors, Nokia’s…show more content…
Nokia plans to invest in HERE, the developments of new products and services needed by telecoms operators, and expanding intellectual property licensing program (Nokia Corporation, 2014). Apple plans to stay committed to offering its user a unique experience through innovative hardware, software and services. The company’s business strategy focuses on differentiation. Designing and developing its own operating systems, hardware, application software, and services, Apple intends to continue providing its customers with superior products and solutions. Apple plan to invest in research and development, marketing and advertising to increase sales and its competitive advantage. As part of its strategy, Apple will continue to grow its platform through the iTunes Store (Apple Inc., 2013). HTC plans to invest in brand awareness, marketing, and sales (HTC, 2013). Its bestselling flagship phone- HTC One has been updated in hopes of enhancing customers’ experiences. They intend to build on the quality of all the things that made the original HTC One a success and get the product into the hands of customer quicker. A Total Quality Management System has been implied by HTC top executive as the new strategy (Business Insider, 2014). Samsung has become known as the fast follower which means they monitor the market and quickly duplicate the products that are gaining traction and make them available for less. Samsung’s late mover strategy has caused some legal

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