Nokia's Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis

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Marketing plan 1. Introduction The Finish mobile telephone producer used to be a leader of the mobile phones industry, but has rapidly lost its leading position throughout the past recent years, when the global market came to be dominated by smart telephones, such as the iPhones or the Android operated telephones. Nokia as such comes to compete in a highly dynamic industry, in which it seems unable to equalize the offer and attractiveness of the smart telephone providers. This situation is created as a result of numerous changes in the micro and macro environment, one notable one being the commodization of technologies, which unifies the quality of the products and services. In other words, Nokia should not compete with the smart phones creators, but should find its own niche for further development. In such a setting then, the company should focus on the development and sale of an environmentally friendly telephone, which would answer the increasing pressures for environmental stability. 2. Situational analysis The starting point in the construction of the marketing plan is represented by the analysis of the company and the environment in which it operates, in an effort to best comprehend the particularities and integrate them in the final plan. In this sense, emphasis would be placed on three specific analyses, namely the SWOT analysis, the PEST analysis and Porter's five forces competitive analysis. SWOT Internal strengths Internal weaknesses - Long
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