Nokia's Reasons of Market Share Decrease

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Report summary
The main purpose is to find why Nokia lose the largest market share and have not improvement after innovation. This research will use two type of data these include primary and secondary data to analyse the reasons.

Purpose of Primary data

Primary data is to find the reason about Nokia sale decrease and find the solution through these questions. To collect interviewee's using smartphone factor that can deeply understand users habits. That information can help Nokia to improve its smartphone.

Primary data collection will use questionnaire to collect data. Using
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It was the largest maker of mobile phones in the world from 1998 to 2012. Since 2007, Nokia's global market share constantly decline because Apple announced first generation iPhone and then Samsung released smartphone of Android as well. In addition, smartphone of Apple and Samsung is very welcome and has been popular. Finally, Samsung overtakes Nokia to become the world's largest maker of mobile phone in 2012.

Because of that serious situation, Nokia need innovate own products. Symbian was Nokia's main smartphone operating system. Until 2011, Nokia cooperates with Microsoft to produce a new system, Window Phone, that would replace Symbian. But because of belated resolution, Nokia still cannot get largest market share of world again.

Nokia is biggest share of the global mobile handset market since 1998 but in 2008 Nokia’s market share is decrease(G1) that information was found via secondary data collection. In spite of market share decline, Nokia still was the world’s largest market share of mobile handsets. In 2013 Samsung overtake Nokia position of biggest market share. (G2)


This graph shows that the Nokia market share continually decrease from quarter 1 of 2008 to now.

This graph shows that Samsung is largest market share.
Nokia’s market share decline that occurs in 2008.Before 2008, Apple announced fist generation iPhone and then Samsung announced Android OS of smartphone. Because of Apple and Samsung new product, Nokia was clashed. Although
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