Nomation for Candidate as Teacher

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The knowledge gained from course readings and completion of this assignment has given the candidate a better understanding of the International Reading Association Standards. Based on the candidate’s self-assessment and review of the COEL Professional Dispositions and the IRA standards, it is clear the candidate is an advocate of a student-centered organization and is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment by expanding the knowledge of students regardless of social, cultural, or economic background. The candidate understands that through alliances and partnerships with all stakeholders and the community, the goals of the organization may be accomplished successfully. Collaboration establishes accountability amongst all stakeholders to perform at their best towards a common goal. As an experienced educator, the candidate is proficient in all professional dispositions, however, there is always room for improvement. The candidate believes in life-long learning, and is open to enhancing her comprehension of all dispositions. An area the candidate is eager to improve is ongoing reflections. Recently, the candidate has had the opportunity to reflect more with the implementation of a school-wide literacy plan within her organization. Teachers are required to submit samples of student writing along with a teacher reflection on the success of the assignment. An area of concern for the candidate is disposition 6a of the COEL Professional
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