Nomi Marks: A Trangender Woman

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Nomi Marks is a trangender woman living in San Francisco with her girlfriend Amanita Caplan. She used to be/ is a hacker and a political blogger. In contrast to Lito she is open about her sexuality and attends pride together with her girlfriend. The difference in this can be explained by the fact that Lito is a public person and if he were to come out there are many people who would react to that. For Nomi the only people that would react are the people she per-sonally knows so one can say that she is at a lesser risk when coming out. The only person in her environment that reacted badly to her coming out was her mother. Nomi’s mother is blatantly transphobic and thus it is hard to see wheth-er she is homophobic as well or not. This is because
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