Nominating an Outstanding Person to The Hall of Fame

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I nominate Regina Geis for recognition in the State Hall of Fame. Born on December 29, 1995, daughter of Robert and Robin Geis, sister of Daniel and Benjamin Geis. Regina is an inspiring person who brings out joy and happiness. She inspires people to give their best and live for the right reasons. She is an overachiever and has always done well in school. In fact, Regina is a straight A student. It is encouraging how much time and effort she puts in her school time. Spending some of her time at work and home, but spending most of her time at school or church.

Regina strives for excellence, but other than her inspiring life, she shall first be recognized for more than what she does but for who she is, like her personality; beautiful,
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Surveys show, 66% of students participate in sports activities, 62% participate in school clubs or extracurriculars, 60% do volunteer work, 54% attend religious activities, 52% take lessons, 52% participate in after-school programs, 37% have a part-time job, 30% take some part in tutoring, and lastly, 19% belong to an organization (What Middle School and High School Students Do). Regina is also extremely talented when it comes to art. I personally have seen her work and think it is exhilarating. In fact, her art has previously been displayed for others to embrace. Researchers stated, “40% of high school students are chronically disengaged from school” (Motivation Matters). Some parents say that cell phones take an affect on why kids are not more involved, but Regina will rarely look at her cell phone because she focuses more on life. The 60% of high school students who engage in school are the ones who have a stronger chance to make it somewhere in life because they have a better concept for it. Those people graduate with outstanding grades and achieve life goals, which Regina has accomplished majorly. With her grades, achievement, goals, and motivation, she is going to accomplish bigger than she will ever believe or realize. She teaches you there is more important things in life, and when you set your mind to it, you can achieve greater. Regina Geis, is not only an

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