Non Athletes Clauses And Confidentiality Agreements

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Non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements are very popular these days. They can be restrictive, or nothing to worry about at all. It generally depends on the industry, the employee, and the documents. Some have prevented people from working in their specific industry for years; some have stayed in a folder after signing, for years. There is no rhyme or reason to them, but one thing is certain; the company that insists on using them is trying to protect themselves, not the employee, so it’s best to read them very carefully before signing. Non-compete clauses are agreements that an employee will not directly compete with their former company for a specific length of time. Confidentiality agreements are agreements that an employee will not disclose private or confidential information about the former employers’ products or its process to a new employer, as asserted by Paul Barada in Non-compete clauses are popular in highly competitive industries, such as fashion design or new technology. As Jessica Hullinger described in Fast Company, Sandra Contipelli is a woman who started her own denim company and required her designer to sign a non-compete agreement. However, Contipelli also signed one for solidarities’ sake and to her dismay found herself constrained by it when her company sold. She was unable to do business in her industry for five years. This was all quite legal, much to Contipelli’s consternation. According to an overview in

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