Non Benefits Of Non Professional Employment Contract Essay

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Non-compete Employment Contract Student Name Course Tutor Date Non-compete Employment Contract A non-compete agreement is a type of contract where one party (in most cases an employee) agrees not to offer his or her services to any other employer or business that is in competition to the other party (the employer). For many years now, state laws have continued to recognize the validity and enforceability of agreements not to compete that are ancillary to employment. However, not all states recognize non-compete agreements. It is required that such agreements be reasonably necessary for them to be enforceable (Miehe, 2002). These covenants should ensure an additional safeguard to all legitimate business and their interests. The limitation on duration and geography should be reasonable. Such agreements, when properly drafted and executed, provide the employer with an effective way to protect customer goodwill, proprietary business information, and the time and resources it has invested in the training of employees. Richard who is an actor had entered into a non-compete agreement with his employer who goes by the name Mark, the producer. Both of them are based in the state of Ohio where the agreement was signed. According to the agreement terms, Mark had engaged Richard to perform the role of a “peasant farmer” in a film. Elements of a Non-compete Contract According to Seaquist (2012), there are five elements of a non-compete contract. These elements are as

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