Non Carious Teeth Lesions

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Non-carious teeth lesions is the deficiency of tooth structure by another factors instead of caries. There is a lot of factors can be considered as a non-carious teeth lesions like:

• Attrition
• Abrasion
• Enamel hypoplasia
• Enamel hypocalcification
• Teeth Discoloration
• Malformation
• Dental Fluorosis

Attrition: which can be caused physically duo to frictional forces between contacting teeth. (Figure 1)
Treatment: by restorative options, such as direct composite restorations, bonded cast metal restorations and after that polishing sharp edges. ] Figure1[:
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)Figure 2)
Treatment: by restorative options, eg. direct composite restorations. ]Figure2:[ Toothbrush Abrasion

Enamel hypoplasia: it is defect in enamel occurs during enamel formation duo to injury of ameloblast. )Figure 3)
Treatment: treatment consists of bonding a tooth colored material to the tooth in order to protect it from any wearing or sensitivity. ]Figure3:[ Enamel Hypoplasia

Enamel hypocalcification: damaged enamel, the porous dentin underneath is exposed. )Figure 4)
Treatment: composite resin restoration can be placed, or full metal crown.

]Figure4:[ Enamel Hypocalcification
Teeth Discoloration: it is changing of the tooth's color or its
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